Via our dear friend Tim aka Shmee150 we can now share the first live footage of Eric Clapton’s Ferrari SP12 aka V12 Boxer Tribute. Shmee150 got this spyvideo from a person who was allowed next to the one-off Italian sports car.

Officially Ferrari did not allow any filming, so this is a rather unique piece of content of the sports car leaving the HR Owen London dealership and driving into a trailer.

The official name of the car is SP12 EPC, which means Special Program 12 (for V12 tribute) and Eric Patrick Clapton, the full name of the artist. The sports car is powerd by the same 4.5 liter V8 as the Ferrari 458 Italia. The exterior looks have been enhanced to the Clapton’s own specifications. The car resembles the 512 BB in some ways and has Enzo headlights.

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