About two years ago, English guitarist and singer-songwriter Eric Clapton commissioned a one-off Ferrari 458 Italia fitted with a V12 engine, instead of the stock V8 powerplant. Unfortunately, Ferrari couldn’t grant his request and fitted the stock V8 in the back of the one-off Italia.

The official name of the car is SP12 EPC, which means Special Program 12 (for V12 tribute) and Eric Patrick Clapton, the full name of the artist.

Clapton is a known Ferrari aficionado and during a visit at the factory he decided the get his own personal 458 built according to his own specifications. The 4.5 liter V8 was kept in the back of the car, but the exterior trim was changed drastically as you can see on the pictures below. The price tag of the conversion was three million pounds.

The very special Ferrari sports car is currently on display locked inside a glass box at the Ferrari London dealership, also known as HR Owen. Via Automotive Photographer L.Gilbertson and Michael P Sannwald, we are able to share the first pictures with you showing the SP12 EPC in real life.

Spotted Eric Clapton's Ferrari V12 Boxer Tribute 01

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  1. Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina was $4 Million well spent, this is just a waste of time/£3 million pounds/a good 458, for that kinda money id at least expect a good looking car with unique wheels and mirrors.

    But if hes happy with it then thats all that matters! :)

  2. Gee. I used to think Clapton had some pretty good taste , automotive wise , what with all the Hot Rod’s he’s had built by Roy Brizio . Until this came along !

    Seriously Eric , for a third of the price you could of gone right up the road from Brizio’s to Steve Moal’s place of business and had his crew build you one of these



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