Vintage Replicar is a new manufacturer of the first Porsche No 1 replica, known as the Type356-01. The company from California has reproduced the legendary Porsche Type 356-01 replica.

In 1948 the original mid-engined, tubular chassis 356 prototype called “No. 1” was completed. The 356 is considered by Porsche to be its first production model. The 356 was a four-cylinder, air-cooled, rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive car with unitized pan and body construction.

The name 356-01 stands for the “356th” engineering item created by Porsche engineering. The “One” stands for the first car out of “356th” series. The new Type 1’s are available via Vintage Replicar fully assembled as a turn key vehicle at only $ 47,500 US.

For more information check out their website.


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