Ford GT Wreck in Qatar

Yesterday, a Ford GT was wrecked in Qatar. The members over at SupercarsDubai managed to get pictures of the wreck. Again, there’s no details on how the accident happened. From the pictures, it’s difficult to pull together a full picture of what actually caused the wreck.

However, we do know that the car was listed for sale eighteen days ago by Al Shaheen Car Centre. From this, you can draw your own conclusions about what happened. One things for sure though; it’s definitely sad to see such a rare and low mileage car at the side of the road in such a state.

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  1. Yes very sad, but im guessing some rich Arab guy was just running that American Power Horse to fast for him to handle and crashed

  2. It`s so sad ! May be the driver was in a race and he could n`t control the car ! It`s a pretty new car and worth a lot , I can imagine it`s price as there are similar ones mentioned here on Qatar cars at mubawab


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