Video Bentley Continental Stuck in Desert Sand

Via Arabian website Saudi Shift we came across this Bentley Continental Flying Spur stuck in desert sand near the capital Riyadh. The owners of the British luxury car thought they could challenge the desert because of its four-wheel drive, but in the end it proved differently.

After several attempts to resque the Bentley, they succeeded to pull it out of the sand thanks to a Toyota SUV. The SUV and luxury car meeting in the middle of the Desert was held last Tuesday.

You may wonder why would you meet up in the middle of the desert with so many SUVs and luxury cars. If you check the videos below, it wasn’t great weather either.

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  1. Actually, in Saudi Arabia, this weather is considered perfect for a day in Thumamah Desert.
    I would like to add that the Bentleys in the desert is not a very seldom thing in the Arabian Peninsula in general. It just depends on your desert driving skills, especially with a car as heavy as the Flying Spur.
    BTW, there’s an old video of a Continental GTC driven in UAE desert.


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