Car Crash Ferrari 458 Italia Wrecked in Edinburgh

Just a few minutes ago we received information that a Ferrari 458 Italia was wrecked today in Edinburgh. The Italian sports car shown on the pictures was photographed by people passing by the crash scene.

The damage is extensive, even the airbags were deployed. According to eye witnesses at the scene, the driver was doing three times the allowed speed limit, which is 30mph. They also stated that a Land Rover was involved in the crash. The owner is a local business owner.

Car Crash Ferrari 458 Italia Wrecked in Edinburgh 01

The crash happened on the Queensferry Road in the Scottish city in front of a local school.

These videos show the Italian sports car when it was running smoothly through the streets of Edinburgh.

[Information via Chris Wilkie]

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  1. I’m a pupil at the school ( Stewart Melville Collage ) where it was and i saw the Ferrari bombing it down the road at at least 100 mph and expected it to slow but obviously not. I saw the whole thing.

  2. This is a 30mph past a school which normally has buses and parents picking up children at this time.
    If this driver was speeding as has been claimed in several news articles it shows a total lack of responsibility and common sense.
    It was a BMW that was involved with the driver and child being taken to hospital.

  3. @Forbes, If you are a pupil there, you should know it’s called Stewart’s Melville College. With an apostrophe ‘s’ and an ‘e’ in college. And you pay for your education. Ha.


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