Overkill Matte Pink Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed

Italian petrol head and car spotter Marchettino came across this Arab owned matte pink fluorescent Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed in London, UK.

The ultimate Bentley FAIL, and what a bad taste.


  1. I don’t see this as “Overkill” I see it as ballsy, who else has a pink Bentley? Probably no-one (Apart from a certain blonde celebrity we all love to hate) Everyone else’s is either, blue, silver, grey, black, this stands out in the crowd, and thats whats awesome about it!

  2. Paris Hilton is in town? Kidding aside, I am with Tom Norton, the main point of an exotic car is to stand out and this does it!

  3. I spotted a hideous pink Continental GT parked on High Street Kensington yesterday… Is this part of Bbentley’s new colour palette…?


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