Photo Of The Day Ferrari 250 GTO

Stefan Dume is back with a second series of pictures after we released the Brown Lexus LFA gallery. This time he photographed a Ferrari 250 GTO. Only 36 cars were ever made in the years ’62/’63. In 1964 ‘Series II’ was introduced, which had a slightly different look. Three such cars were made, and four older ‘Series I’ were given a ‘Series II’ body. It brought the total of GTOs produced to 39.

This is the real deal folks, as a Ferrari fan this car was so special to see, I am very lucky. This car is valued at tens of millions of dollars (25mil.+) To see it driven on the streets was quite a sight. There were 39 250 GTOs made and only 7 with this series-2 body style so you can only imagine how rare this car this. I hope you all enjoy.


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