Video Dartz Bugatti Red Chrome Wrapping

Our friends at Dartz released of a Bugatti Veyron wrapped in a red chrome color. The Bugatti Red Chrome project was initially done in Dubai by TAM Auto Engineering, but the owner headed to Dartz FR for a complete new snake skin wrap, wheel wrap and interior upgrades. More pictures will follow in the upcoming days.

In the video you will see the hypercar leaving the garage of the work shop in Cannes, France. Any thoughts on this unique wrap?

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  1. “…was done in their French headquarters in France.”
    No s***t, Sherlock? :D
    IMO the cooles Veyron, at least something different.

  2. Seems like a road hazard. Its not only incredibly reflective, a red glare would actually impair your vision severely if this car drove past you on a sunny day. Accident waiting to happen.

    As far as appearances? It looks like it was done nicely, unfortunately it doesn’t look nice. lol The car now looks like a cheap Hot Wheels toy.

  3. Dear Dartz, it’s not the first time that you people claim that you foiled this car.
    The entire job, including rims etc. was done in Dubai at TAM Auto Engineering! Please clear this up as it’s unprofessional.


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