Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Configurator

It seems like the customers are as fast as the car. Back in March we reported that the first year production run of the new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 has been sold out. That was immediately after its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show and even before the cars are heading to dealerships around the world.

But now Lamborghini confirmed that the waiting list for a new Aventador has climbed up to 18 months. This shows the great popularity of the Aventador despite the price of € 312,970 (in Germany).

The Italian carmaker is aiming to produce between 600-700 vehicles in 2011. This suggests that over 1000 Aventadors have been sold. Additionally, it has been reported that the Aventador Roadster will ready next year.

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  1. Crisis over for Lamborghini. Are you listening Ferrari? :D
    Small wonder, the car looks fantastic, sounds great and the specifics are more than impressive and all this together for just about 300.000€? Compared to Zondas, Koenigseggs, SLRs, Enzos and all the other hypercars, that’s kind of a bargain.

  2. Not sure I like how it looks. But I’m always happy to see Lamborghini thrive.

    On a sidenote, why do manufacturers do that “sold out for next xyz months” thing? Everyone knows that means “most of stock sold to your local dealership”.

  3. I agree with above.

    i remember when the california first came out. SOLD OUT FOR 2 YEARS!

    was in the dealership here 2 weeks later, like 10 of them

  4. Just left a lambo dealership. There was a big dealer conference call with Lambo..After a mind numbing review of details they indicated the initial deliveries were going to be delayed by 3-4 months. Salesman indicated that a car ordered today would not be delivered for 18 months. Lambo didn’t give details.


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