Geneva 2011 Ferrari FF

Initial information is stating that the first year production run of the Ferrari FF and Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador are sold out. This information is revealed just after the official public release of both sports cars at the Geneva Motor Show last week and even before the cars are heading to dealerships around the world.

All 800 Ferrari FFs planned to be produced in 2011 are sold, according to Ferrari CEO Luca Cordero di Montezemolo. The car will be priced at $ 359,000.

The Aventador is the Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy-based carmaker’s most powerful series production vehicle ever. The supercar is priced at $ 370,000. They are planning to produce between 600-700 vehicles in 2011.

For more on the Ferrari and the Lamborghini, just click links and check out Geneva coverage.

Official Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

[Via Businessweek]

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  1. Good news is many of those are cars bought by dealerships and brokers. Lots of individual owners will get their opportunity to tool around in both next year.

    I am a little miffed about the FF price, especially when compared to the Aventador. It doesn’t seem appropriate. Its a hatchback. No way its a $350K+ screamer. Seems to me it ought to be around $200-250K.

  2. This FF definitly isn’t Ferrari’s style. I think Ferrari changed its strategy and slowly going to sedan based sports toys like porsche did and start making suv’s and then sedans. It’s comercialy beneficial.
    Aventador is another great car after gallardo’s fail with its bad Audi-look car(obvious influence of Audi).
    It’s got very aggressive look which makes it very attractive.

  3. Sold out? are they really? do they just mean sold out to dealers?

    cause when they said the ferrari california was sold out for how many years in advanced. it was for sale in the showrooms here 3 weeks later

  4. I’m not surpirsed that your not surprised that they are not surpirsed. Its just not that surpirsing.

    If you but the FF (especially for that ludacris price they give here) you are a fool. Its ugly, its not ferrari like in any way and its overpriced. Of course its only “SOLD OUT” to dealers do you really think that people are lining up for this POS.

    I’m starting to like the aventador more but only because it is a much nicer Murci.

  5. looks like the guys on this site know s*** about quality and super cars..for there information the ferrari is not allowed to build more than a certain number of cars as in the contract as sold to fiat..the ferrari under its recent contract will never be a production was sold to fiat to stay a supercar only

  6. the two best super cars in the world and only the jelous do not like the ferrari and lam..the jerks who have not the money to buy them always say they hate them.


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