The Nurburgring

We are back with a new chapter covering the story concerning the Nürburgring. For those following the whole scandal surrounding the project at the Ring, you will be quite familiar with the name Kai Richter. He is the guy running the show at the German race track commonly referred to as the ‘Green Hell’.

The latest chapter in the Nürburgring drama is a detailed report published by German Rhein Zeitung on new Nürburgring operator Kai Richter and the ring card introduction at the Ring. Much of it evolves around a secret report by the National Audit Office that has been leaked to the media – the report is fifty pages long. The original article was of course in German, but via this link an English version translation is available for you to read.

For those that do have a clue what this is all about, check this link or the Save The Ring Facebook Page for more info.

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