Pagani Huayra Pricing

Pricing details of Pagani’s sophmore model, the Huayra have leaked onto the internet after the Pirelli event we reported on earlier today. It seems the Huayra will cost € 825,000 plus taxes for the standard car, to be officially unveiled at the Geneva Auto Salon at the beginning of next month.

Customers will then have the option of upgrading the cars interior to the spec we see on the press photos and at the event. We don’t have details on what the standard interior looks like but the car on display at the moment apparently features the upgraded option.

On top of this, Pagani will offer a titanium exhaust as an option giving the Huayra an extra 30-40hp. The final option available is a full carbon finish for € 90,000. Obviously this isn’t the full option list, but it gives some idea of what the car will cost when it eventually goes on sale.

One final piece of information… Mr Pagani pronounces the name ‘why-air-ra’!

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  1. That interior is NOT a Pagani (well, obviously it is, but they’ve lost what the Zonda was). Instead of a race-car for the street, its now a goldplated tampon with 4 wheels and a V12

  2. You really have to look upon this car as art:)? Or maybe baby even, as an afterburner on four wheel:-} That’s a sweet car a different type of an automobil. The price? Well it’s really not a matter of price for these types of customer right? You could probably buy a McLaren P11 and get some laptimes and comfort that is better than this car. Or you could buy a soon to be realesed Aventador (Lamborghini) for a almost a third of this Huayra. Or why not wait for the Ferrari “F70” that would cost you a cool 1 million dollar! Personally i would if i could afford it, wait for the new “Mac” P12 that one seems to have a price tag something similar to the Enzo replacement. It’s just as in life a matter of taste! Life is mostly a compromise hmm let mee see she has one hell of an aazz hmm that other one has lovely boobs hmm life is difficult;-) You simply have to ask santa a blank cheque please:)


  3. i HATE the interior! it looks like a spaceship flew into a hard of cows! it’s a clash of time periods! and the exterior, well that looks like a catfish that got plastic surgery in a hotel room!

  4. yall a bunch of i****s, which car out there that looks better than this. The interior is one of the best interior there is in a car, seeing that no other car out there is similar. Unless you prefer a stupid enzo which interior looks like s***. And anyone who says this is ugly, yall a bunch of i***s who know nothing about style


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