Keating ZKRs Debut at Top Marques Monaco 2011

Keating supercars have announced the exclusive world launch of the Keating ZKRs at Top Marques Monaco 2011.

The Keating ZKRs boasts engine power from 600bhp up to 2200bhp via a twin turbocharged and supercharged setup. All cars are hand built in England to customer specific orders; which allows the company to tailor coach work and trim options.

The monocoque chassis has had years of development reducing the cars centre of gravity with dual low lying fuel tanks that are incorporated to increase chassis strength and performance. The aim of the UK company was to produce a driver’s dream with all the luxury of a modern day supercar.

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  1. Let’s be clear. This IS a rip-off of the S7. And its GM-powered. Its basically a kit-car for people that don’t know any better.

  2. @MR I’m flattered, but I am going to decline. I got enough things over my head now don’t need onother one. I prefer to read and write some comments from time to time that’s all. Thank you for proposing to me anyway!


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