Jeremy Clarkson On Stig-Gate Scandal

So, by now you’ve all heard that Ben Collins outed himself as The Stig recently. So what does Jeremy Clarkeson think of the whole affair?

Well he’s wasted no time letting us know. This short extract was filmed by internet news channel WitneyTV. In it, Clarkson tells us exactly how he feels about the whole scandal, comparing Collins to Wall Street character Gordon Gekko.

Watch the full WitneyTV interview by clicking this link and fast forwarding to 27 minutes. Let us know what you think in the comments box below! David Cameron to replace Collins?

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  1. What I want to know is all that laptimes. Nulled?

    Its a chance for TG to wipe it out and start afresh. Get the right balance of cocking about and cars again and we can have another 14 seasons of TG~ The last season was a step back in the right direction.

    Now will 250 million of us buy the book? I may flip through it at Borders but its not something I need to buy.

    Strange thing is Stig could have written a book of his experiences in a ‘Stiggy’ way, with support from Andy Wilman and Jeremy, given that he was integral to the show and a Stig accounts based on Collin’s experiences but in a TG/Stig way.

    Oh well. Looking forward for 2012 and the new season which I bet will still kick ass.

  2. Sadly having seen Ben Collins ‘attempting’ to resent a slot on Fifth Gear, it appears that wearing a helmet so no-one could see his face and remaining silent so no-one could hear him speak was the only way he was ever going to bee seen as remotely interesting!

  3. Why would he be fired. It is time to change that a bit anyway. It was getting stagnant. I think it was a bit of Jeremy being vewy vewy jealous. He did not want the fastest to be a known quantity. As long as he remained masked, Jeremy was the fastest, because he was not the oldest or slowest. He always bullies James and Richard….like the class bully and manipulative and connivint bully, not the unplanned fisticuff kind of bully :) Does he own the show. He implied that this was the case in his “exclusive.” Some big guys are sweethearts because the are confident and unthreatened, some big guys think they were made big just to throw their weight around. A creative writer could take that event and change the character to keep the show new and fresh. But, hahaha, Jeremy wants it to stay the same, with him as the big cheese and “the guys” as the wee blind mice! hahaha. New Yorker Jane


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