Spotted Gemballa MIG-U1 in Paris

There are times you have the chance to spot unique cars, like this Gemballa MIG-U1 in Paris parked in front of the Four Seasons George V. We collected some pictures and created a gallery for you to enjoy.

Gemballa’s interpretation of the Ferrari Enzo was an individually produced edition, limited to only 25 cars. Gemballa had drastically re-engineered the aerodynamics. But that is not all, for a complete story on the car click here!

[Pictures via Telkine]

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  1. Ugly. It takes someone from Dubai with too much money to do that to such a beautiful piece of machinery. The Enzo is gorgeous as is. Why add on so much junk that takes away from the original design? The MIG-U1 is the Fast and Furious tuner version of the Enzo. This should be under the Overkill section.

  2. I think its fantastic. the interior alone has me mesmerised. but be it my own car, i would leave it as a stock.

    would only do this if i had 2 enzos, and the owner of this probably had 2, if not 10


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