Video 2011 Ford Mustang GT Commercial

Ford has released a new commercial showcasing its 2011 Ford Mustang GT. The new version of the muscle car has several improved features which are highlighted in the video.

The Mustang GT is powered by a 5.0 liter V8 engine equipped with a Ti-VCT system developing 412hp at 6,500rpm and a 390lb-ft of torque at 4,250rpm.

The true US sports car comes equipped with a Limited slip differential and a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.


  1. A bit disappointed. I was expecting something like the last Cadillac CTS-V Coupe commercial and I get a cheap Tokyo Drift sequel. Too bad… but exiting car anyway.

  2. It’s about time a 5.0 American V8 that don’t need a supercharger to surpass 400HP, try that on 98 Octane GAS and i recon 440 or more hp. Its not only the engine, LSD, 6 gearbox and the looks are even better. They don’t say anything about the suspension but it have to come with a proper modern suspenssion.
    But they have many catch up to do in therms of engine techology, for instace F430 has a less capacity engine and develops 490BHP, Porche 997 GT3 RS has a Flat6 with 3.6L developing 415 hp.
    I don’t get it, why americans hold back in the cars, its because the final product price?

  3. We’ve got a v8…..a 5 litre v8…..and we are producing 412 hp? Ford needs to invest in some decent engineers. The old saying “theres no replacement for displacement” may be wrong, but i’m not exactly sure how it could be.

  4. THE all American Classic, it doesn’t get better than that. I ordered mine March 10th, built April 17th and it’s been waiting shipment ever since… I’ve been waiting 40 years for my dream car. The wait is unbearable. I’m not going crazy… no I’m not going crazy… I’m fine.


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