Official Carlsson Super-GT C25

Today we received the official information regarding the Carlsson C25; the first automobile developed by the German tuner known for its tuning kits. The Super-GT includes 753hp and 1320Nm in a limited edition of only 25 cars worldwide. Thereby, each automobile will be as individual as its future owner. The full delivery quantity for 2010 is already sold out.

The number 01 vehicle of the C25 will see its official debut in a few days at the Geneva Motor Show. The colour design of the exterior in grey and night black with an orange stripe which runs through the interior has been developed according to the guidelines of the first client. Other colour and colour combination on the exterior and interior are of course also possible.

The performance data of the 6.0 litre V12 Bi-Turbo is quite impressive. The tuner installed a stainless steel exhaust system with ends in four pipes at the back. The power catapults the C25 with a torque of 1320Nm at 3750rpm – electronically limited to 1,150Nm at 2000–4000rpm – from 0 to 100km/h in only 3.7 seconds and achieves a maximum speed of 352km/h.

An intelligent lowering system C-Tronic Suspension which automatically recognises the road characteristics and driving manners and constantly adjusts the suspension setting accordingly ensures the correct road handling. Different than other automobiles from small series, the Carlsson C25 has not been solely made for its use at the racetrack. You can also use it on twisting mountain roads.

The Super-GT offers the advantage that every Mercedes-Benz dealer can maintain the car. As the automobile is based on the latest Mercedes-Benz technology, it is not necessary to drive to a garage, which is specialised in the Carlsson. The tuner will only deliver one automobile per country. It creates a high exclusiveness for its customers.

The light forged wheels 1/10 UL in the dimensions 9,5×20 and 12×20 inches have been especially designed for the C25 and are equipped with high performance tyres measuring 265/30 at the front and 325/25 at the rear live axle. One wheel just weighs 11.2kg and therefore is 40 percent lighter than custom light alloy wheels.

Ventilation ducts in front and behind the wheel houses provide cool air to the brake system with 405mm large slotted race brake discs at the front and 380mm race brake discs at the rear axle.

The interior resembles the exterior as far as shape, colour and functionality. The trapezoid elements at the front and back are also found on the steering wheel. On the seats and the centre console the edged shape is used as well. Carlsson used real carbon, tanned buffalo leather and ultra-suede in special colours.

The prices were also unveiled today. The basic price is €429,000. A right hand drive version costs €5,127 extra. Personal logo embossed in the headrests are €1,980 extra, personal logo embossed in the airbag leather €950 and carbon interior €13,564. A clubsport interior (race seats, roll-over cage, carbon interior, fire extinguisher, six-point safetly belts) will set you back €35,400 on top of the basic price. The Carlsson intelligent Sound System made by FOCAL is €18,860. You want to add an USB and Apple iPod interface to it? That is €629.

Auxiliary heating system with remote control via mobile phone is €4,687. Radar warning system type Valentine, hidden after installation, costs €1,950. Three-colour design concept is €12,600. Colour design concept in matt colour is €4,800. You want something different and a complete 24-karat gold exterior? That is €156,000 extra on top of the basic price. Four forged 20-inch wheels in personal design will swap owner for €9,537 and finally the underbody lights are €1,237.

Oh yes, we almost forgot! If you need an additional city car there is the possibility to get a Smart fortwo with matching design for only 45,000.

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  1. Once again the kids miss the point. This is beautiful. Its perhaps Carlsson’s best showing in years. A decade even. The interior is inspiring! The shape, in particular the rear, is OUTSTANDING. It conjurs up memories of the European muscle car, a little praised, hardly remembered, dream composed of Heaven’s outcasts – disgraced angels. lol

    Its been a long time since I saw a Carlsson product that I would be proud to drive, badges and all. This my young friends is what we call hot stuff. Place your orders with the guy with the pitch fork and enjoy burning up the road.

  2. That car looks like a bad reshaped SL. Nothing special except the Valentine1 radar detector. The rest is just too tacky to look good!

  3. I believe it that it is a pretty cool car.The back is one of the best i have seen in a Merc for a long time.OK the interior could be much better but look at it.It is hot.


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