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Official: Carlsson and Revox Sign Cooperation Agreement

On the occasion of the world premiere of the Carlsson CML Royale Revox at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Managing Directors from Carlsson and...
Carlsson CK63 RSR

Official: Carlsson CK63 RSR

We recently revealed one of Carlsson’s debuts planned for the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the Carlsson SLK 340 based on the SLK. The Carlsson...
Carlsson CML35

Official: Carlsson CML35

Carlsson recently introduced a kit for the Mercedes-Benz ML-Class. It features a new aerodynamic kit, a suspension control system and a performance increase! It’s...
Carlsson CGL 45 Royale Last Edition

Official: Carlsson CGL 45 Royale Last Edition

Carlsson unveiled the Carlsson CGL 45 Royale Last Edition recently. We scratched our heads, checked our archives, convinced that we'd seen a Royale Edition...

Official: Carlsson C25 Super-GT Limited Edition for China

The Carlsson C25 developed and specially handcrafted by Carlsson in Germany will be produced as a seven vehicle Limited Edition for the Chinese market....
Carlsson CGL45

Carlsson in Hands of Chinese Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd

Chinese car dealer Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd has bought 70 percent of the shares of German prestige tuner Carlsson. A spokesperson of the Zhongsheng...

Video: Rare Carlsson C25 Royale in Paris

Alexsmolik also managed to capture the extremely rare Carlsson C25 Royal in Paris over the weekend. One of a planned production run of 25...
Geneva 2012 Carlsson ML CD35

Geneva 2012: Carlsson ML CD35

Carlsson used the Geneva Motor Show 2012 to showcase the Carlsson ML CD35. It's an aerodynamic package, a performance enhancement and a set of...
Geneva 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK R172 by Carlsson

Geneva 2012: Mercedes-Benz SLK R172 by Carlsson

Carlsson are also displaying their take on the Mercedes-Benz SLK at the Geneva Motor Show 2012. The Carlsson SLK R172 has been fitted with...
Official Carlsson ML CD35

Official: Carlsson ML CD35

German tuner Carlsson will release their brand new package for the Mercedes-Benz ML-Class (W166) at the Geneva Motor Show 2012. The Carlsson ML CD35...