MTM RS6 R & R8 R

As you may have noticed we published our road tests of the MTM RS6 R and MTM R8 R over past two weeks. It is now time to show you the drive-by video. The video includes the wonderful explosion of sound from the supercharged MTM R8 R and the distinctive dark scream coming from the exhaust of the RS6 R. Enjoy!

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  1. Really Really Bad… no comments no nothing.. just driving back and forward… Worst “test” ever… if you could call it a test.. Really.. i would call this like a… hummm..?.. Driving clip or something like that… Or waybe it wasnt even you driving at all?

  2. Standard automotive test with gas consumption you can read all over the I-Net.
    We are trying to give something different to the ppl over the standard.

    As Lawrence already told we did two reviews about the great cars.


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