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MTM R8R Supercharged Rear-wheel Drive on Its Way

German tuner MTM is working on several packages for the Audi R8 line-up. One of the kits is a supercharged MTM R8R with only...

Video: MTM R8 R vs Abt R8

The MTM R8R is one of the best tuned Audi R8's around. Abt produced something similar to what MTM is offering. As you all...

Drive-Thru Video: MTM R8 R

What do you do when you have a MTM R8 R and are in need of some fast food? Exactly, you take the sports...

Drive-by Video: MTM RS6 R & R8 R

As you may have noticed we published our road tests of the MTM RS6 R and MTM R8 R over past two weeks. It...

Road Test: MTM R8 R

Over the year Audi has gained a position between the big players in motorsport (including rallying and saloon car racing). Victories in Le Mans...