Team Polizei 144B & 144A
Old & New Team Polizei Interceptor

Gumball legend and current coast-to-coast record holder Alex Roy revealed his ‘highly anticipated‘ new car today. The new Team Polizei vehicle titled 144B is a 2000 E39 BMW M5. Yes, it’s the same car as the trusted old Team Polizei BMW M5 with some minor differences. The car has an entirely black interior instead of the black and gray interior found on the original 144A.

For that reason it’s hard to see the difference between 144A and 144B as you can see in the picture above. Based on Alex’s experience with the 144A BMW M5 the ‘new’ second hand 144B with 30.000 miles on the clock has been modified by AI Design in New York to become an exact replica of the previous Team Polizei Interceptor. Of course more advanced technology is used and the car has a bunch of new and improved features. As said before the new Team Polizei Interceptor was highly anticipated and opinions about the 144B are very diverse since it was revealed earlier tonight.

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