Torpedo Run

Only about three months to go until the Torpedo Run starts in Ahaus, North of Düsseldorf, Germany. Between 21st September 2007 and 23rd September 2007 car enthusiasts can look forward to an extraordinary mobile party, including luxury hotels, legendary racetracks, sensational events and eccentric parties in the evening. After the run across 5 European countries the Torpedo Run conquer the highest pass roads of the Alps and celebrate the Grand Final at Lake Garda in Italy, where you can party into the night with your new friends. The Torpedo Run gives you a long weekend of sheer fun! It’s time to present the schedule.

The participants are really looking forward to the start. Each day you can expect exclusive events and funky parties. Torpedo is not a race. It’s the journey and the memories that count. So the organisators want to point out that they have the official go of the government and administrative authority!

Even the sign-in takes place at a spectacular location: in the Flyer’s Club of the first virtual airbase worldwide, the Virtual.Aero in Ahaus, Germany. There you become a pilot and get to know what it means to dash an aircraft with high speed over the rooftops of famous cities. The simulators allow unlimited twists of 360 degrees over the roll as well as over the pitch axes – a real adrenaline rush!

21st September 2007: Ahaus (Germany) – Papenburg (Germany) – Luxembourg

Already on the first day the Torpedo Run visit the “holy‿ automotive proving ground of Papenburg (Germany), normally used by well-known car manufacturers to test new vehicles and which is usually closed for public access. But participants of the Torpedo Run can exclusively experience the modern racetracks and an impressive high speed oval, exclusively reserved for them.

The high speed oval with banked curves of up to 49.7 degrees is like a shot of adrenaline when you feel the zero side force. Furthermore the reproduction of the small Hockenheimring, a track known by Formula 1 fans, is impressive and loaded with action. It is breathtaking!

From Papenburg the Torpedo Run continues to cosmopolitan Luxembourg, the world’s only sovereign Grand Duchy. There the Torpedo Runners will celebrate a wild party after arrival and stay gorgeous overnight.

22nd September 2007: Luxembourg – Geneva (Switzerland)

On the trip to the South the participants get to know one of the greenest regions of France, which fascinates by tree-covered mountainsides, small canyons and waterfalls. In France they will stop at a modern go-kart center. Powerfull karts, sharp turns and long straights are made for speeding. With a low ground clearance we will take the turns while fighting against our opponents. A thrilling fun!

After the event at the go-kart center the Torperdo Runners drive to luxury Geneva in Switzerland to have a special dinner at Lac Léman. The night starts with a funky party in one of Geneva’s best clubs.

23rd September 2007: Geneva (Switzerland) – Lake Garda (Italy)

Torpedo Run follows the roads to Italy, the home of many legandary supercars. But before entering Italy we will spectacularly conquer the winding and attractive mountain roads of the Alps, including one of the highest pass road of the whole Alps with a height of 2,770 meters. Inside tunnels the engines of sportscars sound like a symphony. A real shot of adrenaline!

They have lunch at an awarded restaurant where you can enjoy the stunning scenery of the mountain range while reveling in culinary pleasures. Who takes a further drive high into the mountains, has possibly the chance to have a snowball fight. The roads are spectacular and offer impressive views. It is hard to describe the amazing scenery. You have to experience it by yourself!

The Grand Final, where they have a gala dinner, will take place at Lake Garda in Italy offering comfortable climates and an amazing mountain scenery. There the Torpedo Runner can exchange our experiences of a great weekend in a perfect atmosphere.

Whoever thinks they have the determination for a great mobile party as it’s best, should enter the Torpedo Run:

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