Team Polizei offered a truce to the Albanian Ministry of Transportation and Livestock this evening; this was only after successfully navigating the Polizei M5 across a few hundred miles of goat paths. It seems that the only true enemy to Team Polizei is the quality of Eastern European roads and wild packs of dogs. Alex Roy and Michael Ross were the first to enter Albania, taking an alternative route through central Greece which confused many other Gumballers. Team Polizei entered Albania only to find that the roads were more like dirt paths. According to Master Piloten Ross, Albania has the worst roads he has ever seen. Despite such treacherous conditions and a low average speed, Alex and Ross still managed to arrive in the top ten into Tirana. This was, of course, without the UN escort provided to the rest of the Gumballers. Sad news though; it seems that a Porsche 997TT crashed this afternoon just shy of the eastern border entry into Albania.

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