We just got a message from Team Polizei, together with Team Aytac and Turkish Taxi are they the only ones on the road to Athens at the moment. The other Gumballers are flying to Athens where their cars are waiting for them. You can follow Team Aytac, Team Polizei (Team 15 on the tracker!) and Turkish Taxi on the live tracker!

Team Polizei Update:

Team Polizei reject air travel for Gumball. Polizei declares air travel boring and outmoded. Skips flight to Athens, is now sole team driving from Istanbul. Alex Roy deputizes Jarod Deanda and Andy “Fly” Tipping in a Volkswagen Sharan (Team #15 on the tracker) and is now moving towards Athens. Team Turkish Taxi somewhere in the vicinity. Polizei 144 cares not. Gumball plane is still not arrived at Istanbul airport, other Gumballers are waiting… perhaps for quite a while…

Team Aytac Update:

They are driving to Athens via Thessaloniki checkpoint with a modified Ferrari 456GT. They left Istanbul at 14:45. An hour later they entered Greece near Ipsala and are now heading towards Thessaloniki with Team Polizei (Tracker #15) in pursuit.

Update 20:43 CET:

Team Turkish Taxi just entered Greece and with their 90 km/h topspeed it will take them atleast another 8 hours before they get to Athens. Team Aytac passed the city of Thessaloniki about 45 minutes ago and is still leading towards Athens. Alex Roy, Michael Ross, Jarod Deanda and Andy “fly


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