Update 10:30 CET:

We got a message from the only Dutch participant, Peter Hendricks, that all Gumballers are enroute to Athens airport to pick up their cars. Last night there was an absolutely crazy white party at the roof of the Hilton Hotel!

A bit additional news about Team Herbie: Yesterday Peter gave an interview to Dutch radio station CAZ! about the Gumball 3000, for all our Dutch members you can find a MP3 of that interview in our Gumball 2007 forum (Registration necessary). Today the Dutch newspaper AD also published a story about Peter Hendricks and his opinion about the police action in the Netherlands last sunday.

Update 11:30 CET:

Alex Roy reports Team Polizei left the airport and is on the way to Tirana. They have a camera man from French TV station M6 with them to report and are currently leading the pack over the highways in Greece. You can track their progress with the Live Tracker and for all comments or questions about the teams join our forum!

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