Latest update from Team Polizei with some important news regarding the rest of the rally:

After a police escort early this morning, the Gumballers finally made it to Hahn Airport, just west of Frankfurt. Team Polizei’s goal of driving straight to Istanbul was subsequently abandoned after the German Police forbade Herr Roy and Master Piloten Ross from leaving the Hahn checkpoint. Team Polizei therefore joined fellow Gumballers for the plane ride to Istanbul where once they had arrived, received some discomforting news. The planes carrying the cars to Istanbul from Hahn were not allowed to fly to Turkey; instead they were diverted to Athens. As of last report from Team Polizei, Gumball staff has announced that Gumballers will be flown to Athens and the rally will continue from there.

Official Team Polizei Pics Day 1 & 2:


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