Team 73 was the highlight of todays RTL news bulletin. Their car was impounded after reckless driving and speeding in excess of 200 km/h. The police used one of their feared undercover camera cars to chase the Gumballers. In the video below you can see Team 73 on the way to Amsterdam, they had no idea they were followed by an undercover police car. Thanks to our friends of Autogespot for capturing the video!


  1. 7 drivers lost there drivers license
    cuz of recless driving with avarage speeds of over 140mph
    cuz a fine wouldnt help against this rich people, also 2 cars where impounded

    Xzibit lost his drivers license too
    his co-driver has taking over the wheel
    Xzibit has a race licince that he will probably loose becuz of this

  2. Translation (I did my best)

    LADY: “but now, speeding on the highway”

    DUDE: “Way to fast, the Gumball 3000. An sensational rallyrace for the most richest. Goes through Europa crossing normal highways. This night they went through the Netherlands. Drivers in their expensive Bugatti’s Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s and the Police chasing them.”

    COP CAR: “A Porsche 911 with number 73 on the side”

    DUDE: “It isn’t easy for the ralliers in that heavy region of the Netherlands.”

    COP CAR: “He is taking over on the right by way of the extra lane. He is being blokked by a trucker.”

    DUDE: “Yesterday the start was in London. They will be driving 3000 miles crossing Germany, Greece, Turkey and Slovaki(?). At least, those who will make it. The police in the Ntherlands stopped 7 drivers, some driving over 200 km/h. And because a fine doesn’t bother the rich people, some driver’s licences were taken.”

    KOOS SPEE (Public Prosecutor of Road Safety): “We wanted to stopt this behaviour so we took driver’s licence, this is a solution that often touches the people. It probably got some effect on the Race Licence too, with taking the driver’s licence. In most of the times the driver’s mate is shocked by the punishment, that he will take it easy. But for one couple that wasn’t the deal, because they continued their driving style”

    DUDE: “The German police also stopped several Gumballers”

    comment: Welcome to the Netherlands…

    That night I was on the highway to Amsterdam and also in Amsterdam. I’ve had the time of my life. Thank you Gumballers. Next year I will go to Belgium or London to see you :D, because I think you will not cross the Netherlands in a while.

    The Kopfather


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