Gumball Team 73 Porsche Turbo Impounded

We already wrote two updates about the mayhem for the Gumballers in the Netherlands last night: Xzibit lost his drivers license and the Team 73 Porsche Turbo got impounded. This morning the Dutch police released a statement that they took 7 drivers licenses and impounded two cars. The second car that got impounded was pulled over on the way to the checkpoint in Amsterdam and the driver lost his license, his co-driver took over but when he did the same as his partner-in-crime on the way out of Amsterdam the police took the car. All the licenses were revoked because of speeds in excess of 150 km/h. The Dutch police used 14 visible and 7 undercover police cars to secure save passage of the Gumball 3000 through the country.

In ten days the justice department will decide if the drivers that lost their licenses and cars will get them back straight away or they stay with the Dutch police until the court date.


  1. I wonder why they lost their license by only doing ‘just’ 150km/h ..

    Here in the netherlands, WE can drive up to 169, and our license will not be taken. The speed limit here is 120 km/h, and your license will be taken in if u speed 50km/h or more over the speed limit. So, when you do 169, there’s no problem (apart from the fact that you get a 450-800€ fine).

    I think this whole case stinks, and is 200% childish.

    I hád respect for the german and our very own dutch police, but that’s been taken away by the actions of today …

  2. Unless of course, if they were driving on a road with max speed of only 100km/h, as is the case around Amsterdam. Then 150 will be enough to have your car impounded.

  3. gotta agree with Jax here

    I like how the Gumball resented the US for being overbearing with enforcement, and look what happened anyway!

  4. Hey, Peter, no reason to start namecalling.

    However, I do agree with you, esp. around Amsterdam, where this all happened the limit is only 100km/h and in a lot of areas even just 80 km/h.


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