Track the Gumball 2007 with CoPilot Live

CoPilot Live just launched their Gumball 3000 Live Tracking site at Thanks to the CoPilot Live software running on all the MDA Compact III’s the Gumballers receive at the start you will be able to track their progress during this years rally at the CoPilot Live website.

Last year CoPilot Live enabled the fans to track the Gumballers through Europe, Thailand and the US. It wasn’t completely flawless but with the whole rally taking place in Europe this year we expect it to be more accurate. Small bit of advice for the Gumballers: make sure the ID of your CoPilot device matches your team number or team name so it’s easier for the fans to determine who’s who on the tracker, and of course keep it on you and switched on during driving!

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