Electric Reva

Team Zero is doing a Green Challenge this Gumball rally. Their object is to use a variety of green vehicles, trains and folding bikes from checkpoint to checkpoint. The teams will have a carbon calculator running throughout the run to illustrate how people can travel in more sustainable ways. The goal is to go from pont A to B quickest and cleanest and to make it a bit more exciting Team Zero is challenging two other Gumball teams to overall cost comparisons of which carbon is the main factor.

Team 0 will start the rally with three Reva ‘electricity‘ cars made in India. With a fully charged battery the cars have a range of roughly 80 kilometers, and with a topspeed of 80 km/h it’s not exactly practical for a 3000 mile rally. So after the start on Pall Mall Team zero will head for Waterloo station and jump on the Eurostar train towards the next checkpoint, from there a journey with multiple green means of transportation unfolds.

The three Reva’s will be driven by three Gumball veterans: Mark Eley, Jason MacLean and Karta Healey. Fashion designer Mark Eley and Jason drove an Eley Kishimoto Golf R32 in 2005 and won a spirit of Gumball award for the Cleanest car in the rally. Karta Healey has been on every single Gumball 3000 so far, it earned him a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in 2005! Last year he drove with Gumball 3000 founder Maximillion Cooper in a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti.

We wish Team Zero good luck with the green challenge!

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  1. How are electric cars green? they get their charge from somewhere… Could it be a powerstation? By the time you’ve factored in losses from the powerlines and voltage conversion it’s probably greener to use an internal combustion engine. Plus all those batteries are NOT environmentally friendly.


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