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LA Cop Shops may have their own Special Agents. But tonight, the City of Angels will open it’s glorious gates to an exclusive set of Special Angels, too……

They come in different shapes and sizes. Some like to guzzle gas more than others. Some have a ticket collection to destroy a rainforest; others have been gorgeously sneaky and evaded such pulp orders. But all of them have one thing in common: they’re thoroughbred Bullrunners.

They’ve raced on tracks, run the gauntlet on the highways and charged hard into the parties….. and it’s been a helluva ball watching them do it…

Tonight, as they settle down in the sacred knowledge that their names are forever etched onto the Bullrun Hall of Fame plaque, they will recall the fabulous firebrand week that was #1 out of 52 in the 2006 history books. Amongst the copious liquor, lights, camaraderie and belly-laughs (and boobs, methinks!) of the huge end of ‘Run party that LA will offer, the pictures of the last few days of mechanical mayhem sit strong and true in the memories of each and every Bullrunner.

Riding and racing with Special Angel Mario Andretti; watching in a state of shock as Special Angel Jase Man opened up a huge can of whoop-ass in the Darkcyd Navi (support cars will never be seen in the same light); witnessing Special Angel Darth Vader getting ticketed…. and ticketed…. and then some; the very loveable, but slightly cranky, Special Mechanical Angel Stude; potentially ‘hidden’ Ferraris; the guys who never failed to stop to ease the woes of others in true Bullrunnin’ spirit (of note: the gentlemanly Special Angel Vanimal strikes again); Special Angel Troy’s drag run victory at Great Bend; cop-dodging; drag racing with a cop; hard partying; hangovers; tantrums and traumas; Triple Special Angels, the Cuban Brothers – the merchants of mischief; blown fuses; blown head gaskets; rib-busting laughter; swapping stories; heroes and villains; decimating brewery stocks at night; living it up. All of this when taking it all in, cruising free-style cross country USA.

Damned special, indeed….. scorching cars and total stars!

Right now, LA is beckoning it’s glittering finger for the true class of ’06 to come and play…..

Penny salutes you, Bullrunners!

Penny x

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  1. Penny, your reports are hilarious and I loved your frequent updates! Since you have nominated some of my favorite Angels, I hereby
    nominate you: Angel Reporter!!!


  2. Thanks, Woutje!

    I’m so pleased you enjoyed my scribblings and the reports from our fabulous Bullrunner! The rally was brilliant!

    Here’s to the BR Angels!

    Big hugs,




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