Team Rides

Team Rides Update 2: Day 2

Reciprocity is when one state reports traffic violations to another, making getting a ticket away from home just as painful to your license. With no hard facts, I convince myself that this does not exist in Canada. Apparently, everyone is driving under this belief. The caravan we are cruising with has everything from a Bentley GT to a Mitsubishi Evo and we are all sitting at over 100mph.

Our mid-day stop is Windsor Canada, just across the river from the Motor City. But we are not there, yet. Instead, we are desperately searching for gas with a higher octane than 87 (Vette requires at least 91). It’s no surprise that when we finally roll up to the Casino for lunch, we are one of the last cars. The lesson learned is don’t loose time getting fuel, taking a piss, grabbing a snack or anything else that ain’t speeding.

“Welcome to Windsor, I love your car,

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