The Stude didn’t work all that hard, but it got tired. It may wake back up if our pot of gold comes via post or a speed freak that wants to help us.

The Stude is now on Rawling’s Gas Monkey rig, after an act of great kindness stuck Aaron from the Monkey Crew and the Stude at the same junction at the same time. Blame it on fate, as we do.

Bullrun 2006

Besides being a loud ass Texan, Rawlings is a bad ass lover of cars and his transport is a refection of that. Mad props to Rawlings and his crew for helping us out in a time of need. We’d be buying him tequila shots at the bar for helping us out, but he always gets there before us and usually is trying to negotiate buying the damn bar with the Collins brothers so that he can keep it open late for all fellow Bullrunners. I’m sure if Rawlings and the Collins Brothers combo actually remembered how many bars they had bought late at night, they could give WalMart a run for their money as the largest chain in America.

Team Unlimited Class Studebaker

While Aaron and Kevin were loading the Stude up, Officer Friendly came buy to ask why two cars and a large hauler with skull and bones on the side were in the middle of the freeway. I told him we were with Rawlings. He said “good day, sir!


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