Bullrun 2006

As the teams first pulled into Chicago, there were conflicting reports as to whether the Magnaflow RS4 driven by Stefan Johannson and Prince Malik came in first or the RENNTech CL600 of Team Reicke came in in the lead position. The Reicke boys, Jay Reicke and Byron Burkhardt, were the confirmed first-placers, rolling in around 7pm, with the RS4 in second. 3rd was the Team Darkcyde support Navigator driven by Jason Garber, beating the team’s Lotus.

Meanwhile, more drama from Michigan. While traffic was hauling ass, autobahn style, in the right lane, the Collins Brothers smashed by on the left at 160. Almost immediately in the Collins 550’s wake, an MSP cruiser pulled out and parked, bisecting the center line on I-94, basically daring anyone to go around. It’s unconfirmed who the officers were looking for, if anyone.

Projected route? Now that they’re in Chicago, figure that they’ll most likely head down to Nebraska, across to Denver, down to New Mexico, over to Vegas and then to LA. Why do we say that? Alex Roy wouldn’t comment, despite our probing, but we figure since the Bullrun went through Bonneville last year, and a rally hasn’t been through Albequerque since ’03, and they all stop in Sin City, that’s gotta be it. And Nebraska, judging by our understanding of the geography of the United States, is the perfect pivot point for a run through the treacherous mountain passes of Colorado, where scanners have short range and cops have a myriad of hiding places.

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