We hit Salt Lake City after an Icelandic Air flight that was banannas with Dan getting a crazy art wall going and me getting the air hostess to wear a gimp mask..

We got the Rolls Royce boys reunited with their grille. We then went on to leave the airport with the pack and got about 200 yds and then the fuel pump dies…

This means we’ve got a major job on our hands but with help of Maria the gas station girl and Dave our redneck partners we were on the road again within an hour heading towards Las Vegas.

We got pulled for speeding and then arrived in Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel where Dan did a huge burn out…

Then naturally we lit the fire works but one fell over and hit the crowd! The Hard Rock security went nuts because as we had arrived Snoop Dogg had arrived too and nobody had paid him any attention!! The security gaurds eventually warmed to our charm though and agreed that the Brits are the Original Kings of Chaos!

The next morning we rocked out of Vegas and straight to Death Valley where we came across the new Dodge Challenger being photographed. I actually started it and revved it hard -fucking cool or what?

On we went to LA where we were at the Playboy Mansion with old Hugh Heffner and Ron Jeremy. The Playboy Mansion was shit and we all got chucked out for two many cock jokes and doing naked backflips in the pool.

This is definately the maddest Gumball ever and we made it the most outrageous.

Signing out,

Richie Fuel

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