‘We get a final catch up with Martine now that the Gumball is over and she is about to fly home to the UK.

So… How was Vegas?

Vegas was just fantastic! It’s such an amazing place, there’s nowhere quite like it, is there? We got to the Hard Rock hotel which was completely taken over by Gumball. Tony Hawk had a skate ramp set to in the car park and treated everyone to some astonishing moves! We then went to the Snoop gig – he was on for an hour and we all agreed that was the real highlight of our 8 days on the Gumball. We all had a wild night, gambling and partying, got virtually no sleep at all and then had to drive through death valley to get to LA for the final victory parade. Death valley was so hot, we totally roasted. Some cars actually broke down from over heating, especially since we drove through one area that was 300 m below sea level.

What time did you all finish then?

The victory parade down rodeo drive was at 6PM. They actually closed the road for us, which apparently only happens 4 times a year so that was really cool. There were so many people there, it was great. And it felt like such an achievement to have accomplished so much in just 8 days. And how was the party at the Playboy Mansion? It was wild! The boys loved it – well, why wouldn’t they with so many playboy bunnies walking around?! Hugh Hefner presented the Gumball awards and the special Spirit Award went to the guys in the Phantom car that crashed in Serbia.

What time did the partying end?

I honestly have no idea! We all went to the after party at the Beverly Hilton where we were staying and some people may still be going! Us girls did pretty well but I managed to get a bit of sleep, and I can always catch up on a bit more on the plane ride home today!

So now that it’s over, the big question is, would you do it again?

One word – DEFINITELY!!’

Thanks to the official Gumball 3000 blog here

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