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Overview of the latest car crash videos and footage of wrecked exotics.

Video: U.K. Owner Ditches Bentley Continental GT After Driving Into Flood Waters

Video: UK Owner Ditches Bentley Continental GT After Driving Into Flood Waters

A common dream unquestionably held by millions if not billions around the world, is being fortunate enough to win the lottery. Sure you may...
Ferrari 458 Crash on Nurburgring

Video: Ferrari 458 Crashes Heavily on the Nurburgring

Professional driver Colin Alton is no stranger to going 10/10ths on the Nurburgring, having driven sub eight-minute lap times in everything from the race-car-for-the-road...

Video: Dash Camera Captures Horrific Russian Plane Crash

Four crew members of a Russian-made Tu-204 jet have been killed when the largely empty passenger jet broke up after overshooting its Moscow runway...
Alfa Romeo 4C Ditched

Video: Alfa Romeo 4C Mule Ditched in Italy

An Alfa Romeo 4C mule was spotted on a quiet Italian road recently. It seems that the engineer or test driver had been a...
Acura NSX Aquaplanes in San Diego, California

Video: Acura NSX Aquaplanes in San Diego California

Even the most inexperienced drivers know that wet conditions demand careful and slow driving to navigate safely. Unfortunately however, an American driver of a...
Venturi 210 Wrecked

Car Crash: Venturi 210 Wrecked in Hit and Run

A classic Venturi 210 was wrecked in Stockholm back in September when a truck hit a line of cars. The driver of the truck...
Video Porsche Boxster Crashes on Snow Covered Autobahn

Video: Porsche Boxster Crashes on Snow Covered Autobahn

The Porsche Boxster, while often labeled as the "baby" of the Porsche range is a high performance car, regardless of bias. However, as with...

Video: 2013 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Pulls a Wheelie

Drag racing is a time honoured American tradition. Ford have recently tried to capitalise on this by releasing a range of ready to race...

Video: How Not to Tow a Bentley Continental GT

Superstorm Sandy has destroyed a lot on the East-coast of the United States. Last week we reported that around 15,000 cars were destroyed in...
Nissan GTR Crash

Car Crash: Nissan GT-R Gets Airborne and Crashes

In general its known that the Nissan GT-R is faster than a BMW M3. As you can see in the video below the owner...