Bentley Continental Towing Fail

Superstorm Sandy has destroyed a lot on the East-coast of the United States. Last week we reported that around 15,000 cars were destroyed in the city of New York along with 16 brand new Fisker Karma’s.

Next to the Fisker’s there was also a Bentley Continental destroyed due to water damage. In the video below you can see the car being dragged down the road in entirely the wrong way.

Although the car was probably a total loss, the headlights were filled up with water, it’s still no reason to tow a car with AWD and automatic transmission this way.

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  1. I noticed that tow truck drivers are some of the most stupid people in the world – so this would make total sense in their universe. Only a stupid tow guy would do this – obviously he was jealous of whoever owned the car – so now that the car is fked – he decided to fk it some more and tow it like he could care less.. If I was a cop I would pull him over and stick him a ticket not in his hands but down and up his ass… furthermore Ive seen cars go scuba diving – and come back to life – if handled correctly. So lets not jump to conclusions other then the tow truck driver being a total imbecile


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