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Techart Porsche Cayenne With Louis Vuitton Interior

Overkill: Porsche Cayenne with Louis Vuitton Interior

This Porsche Cayenne was originally spotted a while back but we thought it was worth showing you since it really is one of those...

Video: AC Schnitzer BMW M3 Drifting in Albania

We received the following drift video via EndrasBMW. The clip shows an AC Schnitzer tuned BMW M3 doing two drifts across a rounadabout somewhere...

Overkill: Ferrari F430 with Red Dragon Skin Paintjob

A Ferrari F430 owner from Albania was quite bored by the standard red color trim of his prancing horse and decided to go for...

Top Gear Crew Spotted in Albania

The guys from Top Gear have been spotted in Albania. Jeremy, James and Richard were spotted by Albarent, a local car rental agency that...