Top Gear Crew Spotted in Albania

The guys from Top Gear have been spotted in Albania. Jeremy, James and Richard were spotted by Albarent, a local car rental agency that apparently picked them and their crew up at Tirana Airport.

They drove them south to Saranda on the “Albanian Riviera” in a rental fleet that reportedly included a Mercedes-Benz S350 and a pair of minibuses made by Hyundai and Fiat’s Irisbus/Iveco.

Update: According to Topgear Magazine they were in Albania for a test with the Rolls Royce Ghost, Bentley Mulsanne and the Mercedes S65 AMG.

[Via Autoblog & Top Gear Magazine]

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  1. There is no speed limit in Albania at all roads for foreigners who droves cars who have got foreign licence plates. This is nice besides very bad roads conditions and “just a little bit risky country”.

  2. I bet they had a great time. Albania, despite the poliutical problems, is a wonderful country, with a car mad population. Specially if it is a Merc.

  3. Michael
    I would not be too sure about their not being a sped limit in Albania. When I lived there, I left after eight years in 2005, they had radar guns and regular speed checks. It used to be funny seeing the faces of the Albanian drivers when they were stopped for speeding.

    The main dual carriageway from Tirane to Durres has a 90 kmh limit.

  4. hey i’m from albania and there are regular speed limits … radar guns. Albania is not more any comunist country ….. as the 90 km/h that Pete said it’s true … on high ways there is a speed limit from 80-90 to 120 max that is on very big highways like the one that connects kosovo with albania

  5. i wonder, what albanian makes money to afford a benz.. not a new one but one benz with one horsepower running in front of it? illicit money buys benz in a country where monthly income isnt above 400 usd a month. when i was in albania (15 years ago) there was stolen benzes with tires fitting paved roads and not cattle rattle they got there.. tirana durres road is nothing fancy more than 15 min ride.. but saranda isnt the so called “albanian riviera” i thought vlora was the spot? then though, you see who is corrupt in albania, that monkey drives fancy and his family knows nothing else than screaming like monkey do from a tree.. some monkeys gets the banana free when other monkeys ride donkeys and thats albania in a shell.. people who cannot trust their own blood, loaded with betrayal and now german luxury is the eyesore of the last sin god will punish this country even harder, trust me!

  6. Thats because All Albanian men are working abroad and taking money from other countries and putting in there banks and its not just little money its thousands and thousands off English pounds and they get away with it And don’t pay no Tax’s the whole country and the people are corrupted

  7. Arent u sweet , Blue Bell.

    If following your logic , all England has to do is get rid of Albanians and everything will be ok….

    Poor world having to put up with our existence….

    Albania is the symbol of the side effects that psychological and religious brainwashing can have in the masses .

    Many nations are desperate to have someone to hate in order to excuse their incapacity of intelect .

    The guys from Top Gear came there I am guessing because of its low prices and the hospitality , true we have many murderers , thiefs and what not , but we have codes of honour too…

    U do not kill , cheat or profit unless the bastard is asking for it .

    we are the only country in the world that didnt hand the Jews to the Nazis . we are the only country in the world whom at one time was fighting against 5 diferent armies.
    We are the only country in the world whom never declared war to noone.

    We are the only country in the world where 35 % of the population speaks three different languages accuired by TV only.

    The english I write speak and read is accuired in such a way.

    Hey Top Gear my friend Chris is making the KITT . It a cool thing to see it come together … I slept in the car whiles homeless in UK….

    Big scream to St.Leonards church in Tooting .

    Sorry for all the blasphemy Wisdom Mybussines


    Ps: BlueBells are a rare flower and very historical for England why u covered it with your ……..

    (superior linguistic skills dont ya know )

  8. Jeremy Clark went to albania, cos one time he went to corfu for holliday and he went from corfu to albania just to see, he did like albania and he say’s i’m going to albania for car test cos i like that country. and some of you people who dont know any thing about albania stop talking rubbish.

  9. @wisdom
    What do you know about Albanian, nothing that’s what you know. Why don’t you shut your flaps and learn about someone before making comments that don’t make sense.
    By the way you wish your country was as good as Albania. Maybe Edward Lear might teach you one or two thing about Albania.

  10. I m n Albanian to, just I would like to say that;
    If Albanian car thief’s exists where they been on that day?
    If Albanian mafia exist, y they let the Top gear filming there?
    Y Top gear not afraid about Albanian mafia when they were in Albania or maybe they are same!!!!!!!!

  11. what …. I am Albanian.

    Une Shqiptare jam oj qyqe po ku more u bane ti me me kallxue mue.

    Po 500 vjet me turq ne krye cka po kujton se kane bere ne ne .

    A moren ata gjuhen dhe nderruan fene …. cka kujton ti se i ben kjo nje kombi !!


    Per Kanunin e kisha fjalen Code of Honour !

  12. You people in UK and USA thinks that people in East Europe havent even TV but if you visit Eastern European countries you will figure out that difference is not so much. In Albania 50% of people use internet and liteacy rate is 99%….

    Albanians stering wheel is at left side not right…
    btw YUGO is Serbian car no longer in production

  13. It was a nice short film “Robing a bank” and it was nice in the south off Albania witch is the mos beautiful view off the sea and the mountain.
    The top Gear represent Albanian Gangsters.


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