Audi Activesphere Joins List of Futuristic Audi Concept Models

Static photo, Colour: Arctic Teal

The Audi Activesphere concept marks the culmination of sphere concept vehicles brought forth by Audi. The Audi Activesphere is the forth model in the sphere series to make its debut following the Audi Skysphere roadster in 2021 and the Audi grandsphere sedan and Audi urbansphere space concept in April 2022.

The four-door crossover coupe with versatile body design is equally adept both on and off the road thanks to its suspension and drive system. The concept car has been equipped with steering wheel and pedals that offer autonomous driving while also allowing the driver to actively control the car. The model also features classic proportions and lines and can transform into a pickup for transporting top-class sports gear. The cargo bed has enough space for two e-bikes.

The new concept car was built and designed at the Audi Design Studio in Malibu by the studio manager Gael Buzyn and his team. The Audi Activesphere joins the sphere family of concept vehicles with an electric drive system and a quick-charging technology from Audi’s PPE modular system. The vehicle combines the sustainability, dynamics and long-distance capability of high-end electric vehicles with no local emissions, a range of over 600 km and fast charging times thanks to its 800-volt technology.

In addition, The PPE technology enables first charging times, 10 minutes is sufficient time to take enough energy on board to power the car for more than 300 kilometres and in less than 25 minutes, the 100 kWh battery charges from 5 to 80 percent. The Audi activesphere is suitable for long distances with a range of over 600 kilometres.

Audi dimensions is the innovative operating concept that combines the physical and virtual worlds ‘mixed reality’ by displaying digital content in the driver’s field of vision in real time. The high-tech headsets provide a view of the real environment and route while displaying 3D content and interactive elements.

The Audi Activesphere concept is a member of the premium segment measuring 4.98 metres long, 2.07 metres wide and 1.60 metres high. The wheelbase is 2.97 metres to provide maximum legroom for passengers whereas the front and rear overhang are short for a more compact impression.

The exterior of the vehicle features stylish camera mirrors on the front doors designed to reduce drag, a dynamic roof arch, a flat cabin, 22 inch wheels with movable segments and striking ground clearance and 285/55 voluminous tires perfect for all types of terrain. Glass surfaces make up a significant part of the vehicle’s body, this includes the wide curved tailgate with extensive glazing, transparent roof and Singleframe at the front end designed as transparent for an unobstructed view.

The activesphere marks the first time that a car with a Sportback hatchback incorporates the design elements and technical equipment of an all road. For this reason, Audi named the new body variant ‘active Sportback’ in contrast to the all road. The Audi activesphere concept features dark high-gloss paint finishes in Arctic Teal on the front and rear as well as underneath the doors in the side area whereas the floor assembly and cabin features surfaces finished in matte.

The doors of the Audi activesphere open in opposite directions similar to the Audi grandsphere concept. The exterior also features Daytime running lights and rear lights that use ultra-fine micro-LED technology for even greater precision and contrast.

The interior of the Activesphere features seating surfaces, door and front panelling finished in warm lava red which contrasts with the dark exterior. When the Audi activesphere concept is driving in autonomous mode, the dashboard, steering wheel, and pedals disappear into an invisible position. A wide space opens in front of the driver, which extends to the front end of the activesphere and beyond to allow an unobstructed view.

Electric motors fitted on the front and rear axles of the all-wheel drive Audi activesphere concept delivers an output power of 325 kW and 720 Nm of torque. The front and rear wheels are connected via a five-link axle and the car features Audi adaptive air suspension with adaptive dampers.

Information about the car, the battery range and charging stations can also be accessed inside and outside the vehicle. And when needed, there are also advance warnings such as low tire pressure as well as a weather forecast function.



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