BMW has not been shy with their designs lately, and their MO is “the internet always forgets”. It all started with their move towards big grilles, the reception was nothing but pure rage from BMW lovers and the likes. But 2 years later, the design seems to be doing better for BMW than any other design change they had done before.

With the upcoming 2nd generation BMW M2, the company ditched their now popular big grilles for a smaller yet conservative grille. Photos leaked over the weekend showing what the new M2 will look like, a square design similar to the recent BMW Hommage cars dominates the styling. And while the new grille received a warm welcome, the overall design has left the internet questioning BMW’s design calls all over again.

To be fair, none of the new cars in the last few years have received positive feedback from launch. It takes a few weeks or months for the reception to change from cold to warm. Could the M2 reception be another one of those internet tantrums?

Hard to tell, with the big grilles, the love-hate reception was split and comments were from both sides. With the new M2, everyone seems to dislike the new design and we will have to wait and see if this is another one of BMW’s brave yet keenly calculated calls.



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