This is the new Bugatti W16 Mistral. It continues the legacy of the Chiron era and opens the next chapter in the Bugatti roadster story inspired by over a century of open-top legends.

For the new W16 Mistral, great consideration went into the badge it should wear, the roadster needed a name associated with freedom, elegance and speed. Additionally, the name Mistral was inspired by the powerful wind that blows from the Rhone River Valley, through the towns of Cote d’ Azur in southern France and into the Mediterranean.

The W16 Mistral is built around the definitive 1600 PS incarnation of the W16 engine, first used in the Chiron Super Sport 300+ it offers performance unlike any open-top car ever developed.

The bespoke model features a monocoque that has been reengineered and reshaped to create a more rounded silhouette without affecting the overall performance. Additionally, the 1934 Bugatti Type 57 Grand Raid bodied by Gangloff provides the perfect inspiration for the W16 Mistral.

The 1934 Bugatti Type 57 Grand Raid features dual aerodynamic headrests flowing backwards into the body work, a cut down V-shaped windscreen and it has been finished in a dual-tone black and yellow livery. The W16 Mistral will be available in colours inspired by the Grand raid, this includes; warm black with hints of truffle brown and yellow accents throughout the car.

The W16 Mistral pays homage to the Gangloff-bodied car and to Ettore Bugatti who chose the yellow and black combination. The model features a curving windscreen that wraps around the A-pillars, the top line of the windscreen and the side windows flows around the side air intakes, the oil cooler intakes are separated from the engine air intakes to keep the body side section slim and allow efficient airflow to the engine and the two new roof mounted engine air scoops are a nod to the first open top bugatti and to the Grand Raid by Gangloff.

The W16 Mistral features intricate headlights with four light signatures, a wider horseshoe grille, X-tail lights that serve the function of venting the side oil coolers through ducts connected to the triangular negative space and new ram induction air scoops fitted behind the headrests.

The interior of the vehicle features advanced lightweight titanium and aluminium components milled from a solid block and soft blemish-free leathers, door panels finished in an intricate woven leather and a gear shifter designed in solid block of aluminium with a touch of wood and an amber insert with the famous ‘Dancing Elephant’ sculpture.

The W16 Mistral model is powered by a 12.7 litre straight-eight engine which is currently the only W16 powertrain in automotive use today. The engine delivers an output power of 1600 PS similar to the Chiron Super Sport that broke a top speed of 304 mph in 2019. The Goal of the W16 Mistral is to become the fastest Roadster in the world once more.

The W16 Mistral will be limited to only 99 units worldwide , the vehicle will be priced at 5 million euros net and deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2024. The entire production run is already sold out.

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