What happens when a Nissan GT-R isn’t practical for you? Well if you are a drifting champion like Steve Baggsy then you may have a few more options than the ordinary Joe.

What you are looking at is a Nissan Navara equipped with the powertrain of a Nissan GT-R. Baggys and his team call it the Navara-R, fittingly so as it’s a GT-R in Navara clothing. It’s also a world’s first.

Built over a period of two years by SB Motorsport in the UK, the Navara-R is everything right that should be found in a super pickup truck. It’s running Syvecs control unit to manage 1000hp from the revised Nissan GT-R VR41 engine. The VR41 is essentially the stock VR38 with increased displacement to 4.1 liters.

The Navara-R is still very much AWD but it required a stronger dual clutch transmission, Baggsy and team sought help from New Zealand based Dodson Motorsport who are experts in DCT.

You may have noticed that the Navara-R looks beefier than normal, that’s because it has a custom widebody kit which sits on KW V4 Racing Coilover suspension with HLS 4 Hydraulic Lift-System. The massive 20-inch wheels are from BBS. UK based Alcon Brakes provided the necessary means for stopping power.

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