Brabus company officially unveiled a new Brabus Rocket 900 based on the current Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4Matic+. The company also has an engine shop at Manufaktur in Bottrop equipped with hi-tech machinery for building high-performance engines.

The new Rocket 900 is powered by a V8 twin-turbo increased-displacement engine. The increase in displacement to 4.5 liters involves boring out the eight-cylinder engine block to 84mm and fitting it with corresponding larger pistons. Additionally, a precision-balanced billet crankshaft and eight special piston rods increase the length of the stroke to 100mm.

Brabus developed a more efficient turbocharging system in order to increase the power of the engine. The system includes two special high-performance turbochargers with larger compressor units and a special core assembly with reinforced axial bearings.

Additionally, the Brabus BoostExtra adapters ensure the engine produces audible blow-off noise when the driver lifts off the accelerator. The new model has also been fitted with a high-performance exhaust system made entirely of stainless steel and reduces the exhaust back pressure.

The new modified intake system ensures an optimized supply of fresh air throughout the vehicle while the high-pressure pumps provide the corresponding fuel supply. A special engine cover made of red carbon enhances the appearance of the engine.

The new Rocket 900 produces a maximum output power of 900 hp at a low 6,200 rpm and a peak torque of 1,250 Nm at a low 2,900 rpm. The acceleration from 0-100km/h is achieved in just 2.8 seconds, to 200km/h in 9.7 seconds and to 300km/h in 23.9 seconds. The top speed is electronically controlled at 330km/h to avoid overstressing the tires whereas the Newton Metre is electronically limited to 1,050 Nm to protect the drive line.

The exterior of the vehicle features a Brabus front lip spoiler with raised flaps at the sides to reduce the aerodynamic front-axle lift at high speeds, carbon intakes for the side air scoops, subtle lip spoiler on the trunk for additional rear-axle downforce, carbon diffuser, carbon titanium exhaust tips and carbon air intakes on each side of the radiator grille.

Brabus offers 21 inch forged wheels for the E63, the new Rocket 900 runs on Brabus Monoblock ‘Platinum Edition’ Z forged wheels finished in Signature Black. The front axle is fitted with 9Jx21 wheels with 265/30 ZR 21 ContiSportContact 6 tires whereas the rear axle is fitted with 10.5Jx 21 wheels with 305/25 ZR 21 tires.

The interior of the vehicle features Brabus Race paddle shifters on the steering wheel, door lock pins and pedals made from aluminium, stainless scuff plates with backlit Brabus logo to match the ambient interior lighting and fine leather and Alcantara finishing. The interior also features precious wood and genuine carbon inlays with a variety of colors and designs.

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