Radim Passer is back with another top speed video at the autobahn in Germany. 3 years ago he gave us the infamous Bugatti Veyron video hitting 402km/h on the same road, and while its nearly impossible to find long empty stretches on this highway, he was lucky to repeat the same feat albeit in a different car.

In July 2021 he visited Wittenberg together with his team and an opportunity presented itself on a 10km stretch on the autobahn. He took a Bugatti Chiron to its near limits, achieving a top speed of 417km/h – the highest ever on a non controlled public road anywhere in the world.

In case you are wondering, the Bugatti Chiron is capable of doing a top speed of 420km/h meaning Radim was only 3km/h shy of reaching the electronically limited top speed which is a negligible number given they had no time to wait for optimal top speed conditions. To get to such speeds, one requires the Speed Key which Radim had, without the Speed key the top speed is capped at 380km/h.

The 7.0L W16 quad turbo engine in the Bugatti Chiron produces in excess of 1500hp and 1600nm of torque. 0-100km/h only takes 2.4s while 0-200km/h takes 6.5s.

Below is Radim’s video with the Veyron from 3 years ago.

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