Mercedes-Benz officially presented the new all-electric Vision EQXX driven by the idea of zero emission and high usage of green energy.

The new Vision EQXX is designed for road trips, it allows the driver to explore new frontiers of efficiency and it features progressive demands of a modern generation of customers through innovation. This software-defined research prototype has been engineered by men and women using the latest digital technology, agility of a start-up and the speed of a Formula 1.

The new model is capable of exceeding 1000km on a single charge with an energy consumption of less than 10 kWh per 100km.

Mercedes maximized the long-distance efficiency of the vehicle rather than increasing the size of the battery. The team also pulled all the stops in drivetrain efficiency, energy density, aerodynamics as well as lightweight design.

The Vision EQXX features sustainable materials that cut the carbon footprint considerably and a UI/UX featuring a new one-piece display with responsive real time graphics.

The model is one outcome of an ongoing programme delivering a blueprint for future automotive engineering, most of the features and developments including MMA ( Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture for compact and Medium-sized cars) are already under production.

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