Cadillac recently unveiled its two-person electric luxury concept vehicle at CES 2022; the new InnerSpace concept is built to elevate the passengers’ travel experience. The new InnerSpace grows Cadillac’s Halo Concept Portfolio of providing a luxurious environment and effortless travel through extraordinary means.

Cadillac officially presented two Halo concepts in 2021 at CES for the first time; the PersonalSpace and the SocialSpace concept. The PersonalSpace concept features a single seat, personal vertical take-off and a landing concept designed to move the passenger above the din in congestion of ground traffic.

On the other hand, the SocialSpace concept features a spacious space capable of accommodating up to six passengers and is designed to provide solace and space for passengers to relax and recharge comfortably.

Cadillac’s Halo Portfolio offers personalized experience to each passenger through software-defined features and advanced vehicle connectivity thanks to GM’s Ultifi software platform.

In addition, Ultifi allows the passengers to receive software updates seamlessly over the air. The SocialSpace and PersonalSpace concepts will join InnerSpace this week in GM’s virtual CES experience along with a video glimpse of the new OpenSpace concept which will be introduced later.

The exterior of the new model features a Panoramic glass on the sunroof, seats that pivot outwards when doors are open and the roof of the vehicle opens with the doors more comfortable entry and egress. The interior features Al-driven biometric input and interfaces and a panoramic SMD LED display.

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