Mercedes-Benz will be offering further exclusive customisation options for selected model series with the new MANUFAKTUR label. The label was specially developed for customers looking for special details in terms of paintwork, leather upholstery as well as interior design.

The new Manufaktur label will be offering a corresponding customisation programme for model series such as the CLS, the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door coupe, the S-Class long-wheelbase and the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

The S-Class long-wheelbase and the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class features Manufaktur lettering in chrome on the centre console and on the parcel shelf as discreet embroidery. The Manufaktur also offers an exclusive selection of special paint in silky matt, high-gloss metallic or rich non-metallic colors.

Some Manufaktur colors such as Silicon Grey uni, Graphite Metallic, Vintage Blue uni and Olive Metallic are reminiscent of Mercedes-Benz history dating back from 1960s to 1980s. Manufaktur will also offer high quality satin finishes including Cashmere White magno, Kalahari Gold magno and Night Black magno.

The Manufaktur interior package consists of high-quality nappa leather with contrasting color concepts i.e classic deep white/ black and pastel yellow/black which was available until 2012 for the S-Class. Other leather colors such as nut brown/black, truffle brown/black and yacht blue/black represent high individual elegance.

Additionally, the interior also features a handcrafted two-tone leather steering wheel, intricate diamond-pattern stitchings to enhance the exclusive appearance of the vehicle and fine nappa leather finish on the armrest, door centre panels and on the instrument panel.

The package also features tone-on-tone cushions with adorned logo letterings on the floor mats depending on the vehicle and the equipment requirements and the trademarks can be embroidered in gold or platinum for a luxurious ambience.

A Manufaktur surround lighting with animated projection has been equipped on the front and rear doors of the vehicle and light up when the doors are opened.

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